Thursday, 16 August 2012

Flood devastates Devon village in 1952

August 16, 1952... This day has ill fame for a flood in Devon known as the Lynmouth Flood.

Twelve bodies have been recovered and 24 people are missing feared dead in the flood which has swept through Lynmouth in north Devon.

The 1952 Flood Disaster

The normally picturesque holiday village was evacuated early today as troops and council workers were brought in to begin clearing the devastation.
Hundreds of people have been left homeless. There is no water, gas or electricity supply. All the boats in the harbour have been washed out to sea. Four main road bridges have been swept away.

After the Lynmouth Flood

The flood followed yesterday's torrential rain. In the 24 hours before, some nine inches (22.9cm) of rain had fallen on Exmoor, just four miles (6.4km) away.

The eventual number of people who died came to 34.

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