Friday, 10 August 2012

Summer in Taiga

Summer and winter are the main seasons in the taiga. The spring and autumn are very short. In the Northern taiga summer is short too.

But even on the North a summer in taiga is often very hot.

Summer is a rainy, hot and short season in the taiga. But fires are not uncommon in the taiga during the summer.

Taiga near Igarka, the North Of Siberia

The zone of forest-tundra is located between taiga and tunra. It extends across Alaska, Northern Canadian territories and Russia from the Kola peninsula to the Chukotka.

Taiga and forest-tundra have no comfort season. At summer months the taiga and the tundra fill up with millions or billions of insects like during one of the Biblical Plagues of Egypt. There is no insects in winter but very cold. Also taiga is an areal of brown bear and wolf.

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