Friday, 22 March 2013

Mount Redoubt

Mount Redoubt is an active stratovolcano in the Chigmit Mountains, part of volcanic Aleutian Range. It is famous for its powerful eruptions.

The volcano began erupting fours years ago, on March 22, 2009, and activity continued for several months. An ash cloud is hanging over the summit and the valley is covered in volcanic ash.

Mt. Redoubt on March 31, 2009

The Mat-Su Valley, Anchorage, Valdez and large portions of the Kenai Peninsula all received coatings of tephra. 

The 2009 eruptions of Mount Redoubt represented the most seismic activity occurring on the mountain in twenty years.

Mt. Redoubt's active lava dome on May 8, 2009

In late May 2009, it was reported that the continued shutdown of oil production in Cook Inlet due to the eruption of Mount Redoubt was costing the state of Alaska approximately US$1.5 million a month in tax revenue.