Thursday, 30 May 2013

Kildavnet Tower

Carrickkildavnet Castle, also known as Grainne's tower, is located in the south-east corner of Achill Island, County Mayo. It is a excellent example of a 15th century Irish tower house.

Carrickkildavnet Castle
The Gaelic Chiefs of the time copied a Norman design and constructed many such tower houses.

The tower in Kildavnet is thought to have been constructed by the Clan O'Malley in about 1429, but is associated locally with a descendant of the original builders, Grace O'Malley or Granuaile (Grainne). This legendary pirate queen is thought to have been born around 1530 and died in about 1603. The Tower at Kildavnet is one of a series of such strongholds that Granuaile established along the western seaboard (she is said to be buried in a similar tower on Clare Island) as she dominated the waters during the 16th century.

Kildavnet Tower

The Tower House at Kildavnet, known locally as Grace O'Malley's Castle, is some 40ft (12m) in height and has three storeys.

There is an old cemetery near the Castle. Certainly, this is common for Medieval Ireland...

Kildavnet Cemetery

...also like churches on graveyards. Here is stone Kildavnet Church, dedicated to Saint Davnet. Now in ruins, very sadly.

Kildavnet Church

Now the Castle is included in the List of National Monuments in County Mayo. It is a main sight of interest on the island for tourists.

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