Tuesday, 28 May 2013


Ten years ago Prometea was born.

Prometea was a Haflinger foal, the first cloned horse and the first to be born from and carried by its cloning mother. Her birth was announced publicly only August 6, 2003. Born 36 kg after a natural delivery and a full-term pregnancy in Laboratory of Reproductive Technology in Cremona, Italy, Prometea at 2-month-old is 100 kg.

Foal of Haflinger Horse like Prometea
Dr. Cesare Galli and others at the lab experimented with 841 reconstructed embryos; of the 14 viable embryos four were implanted in surrogate mothers, only that of Prometea succeeded in being born. Texas A&M University was also undertaking a horse cloning project when the Italian team first succeeded.

Horse cloning like Prometea could eliminate the problem of champion racing geldings. But Jockey Club of North American thoroughbred horses has proclaimed, however, that it will allow no cloned horse in their races.
Haflingers pulling a carriage in Austria
Its name Prometea means the feminine form of Prometeo or Prometheus. Like Prometheus who took fire from God from Olympus, we hoped she would be brave to face these people who do not like what we do, doctor Galli said.

Today Prometea is alive, but Italian scientists continue to keep from viewing this horse.
An adult Haflinger

The horse became the seventh Mammalia species to be cloned after mouse, sheep, rhesus, gaur, cat and deer.

The next known case of the horse cloning was registered in Texas in November 2003.

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