Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Protest and Suicide

An ultra right French historian and writer Dominique Venner shot himself near altar of Notre Dame de Paris. It led to the evacuation of more than 1500 visitors from the cathedral.

The main reason of the suicide was a protest against a law about same-sex marriages in France...
Notre Dame de Paris and Dominique Venner

Dominique Venner was famous as a member of the Organisation de l'armée secrète. Later he became an European nationalist. As historic Venner specialized in military and political history.
The writer was an activist who called for the fight against legalization of homosexual marriages.

Venner was awarded the Broquette Gonin Price by the Académie française in 1981.
Women pose during a demonstration for legalisation same-sex marriages

Julien Rochedy, the member of the National Front tweeted after his death: "It’s with immense sadness that I hear about Dominique Venner’s suicide. He will be reunited with the heroes from the Iliad he loved so much".
Non-gay-marriage demonstration in Paris

Former president of the National Front Jean-Marie Le Pen commented the suicide and compared it to the death of Pierre Drieu La Rochelle, a writer who collaborated with the Nazis during WWII and who committed suicide in 1945.

In his blog written shortly before his suicide on Tuesday, Wenner criticised a modern France.

He was 78 years old...

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