Monday, 20 May 2013

RIP, Noh Mul

Noh Mul is (or was?) an archaeological site of Maya in Belize.

But workers bulldozed Mayan relic in May 2013.

One of Belize’s largest Mayan pyramids and one of main site became a history. Yes, 2,300 year old site almost was destroyed by a construction company to make gravel for road fill.
Demolition job

What will happen with vandals? The company will only be fined ($5,000). It's sadly.
Noh Mul resisted after the Maya Wars and Spanish conquistadors. Even Time feared the Great Mound. But modern vandals did it.

Prior to the demolition, the pyramid had a footprint of approximately 50 by 50 m and was approximately 8 m tall. Today more than 70% of Noh Mul was destroyed, exept for only a core from the center.

Noh Mul had been one of the ancient monuments with the greatest tourism development potential in Belize.

RIP, Noh Mul!

Men feared time, time feared pyramids, pyramids feared men...

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