Friday, 24 May 2013

Shortest rivers

What river is the shortest in the World?

That is hard to measure the length of any river. The measurements should take to verify the length such as tide, source, spring or other water inflows.

Mountain River
What named river is the shortest on the Earth?
5. Roe River (61 m). It flows from Giant Springs to the Missouri River in Great Falls, Montana. This river was recognized by the Guinness World Records as the shortest river in the world. But...
Roe River

4. D River (37 m) in Oregon. The river runs between Devils Lake and the Pacific ocean. Its length 120 m to 37 m, when extreme high tide. It is a controversial measure but the river was in Guinness World Records. But America is not the World, it is only part...
D River

3. Omble River (29 m). This Croatian river is only 29 m long. Its riverbed connects Golubov Kamen with the Adriatic Sea near Komolac in Dubrovnik-Neretva County... But it flows in a ria of sea.
Omble River

2. Kovasselva river (22 m) on the island Hitra (Norway) connects the lake Kovassvatnet to the sea. Is it a river or a tide inflow?
Kovasselva river

1. Reprua River (18 m) is a winner! Sources of the river are the springs in karst Krubera Cave in the Gagra District of Abkhazia and a mouth is the Black Sea. It is the coldest river in Colchis. And only 18 m! Is it a record? Or two records?
Reprua River

In sum, there are several candidates for the shortest river in the world. Where is truth?

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