Saturday, 4 May 2013

Tragedy in Abhazia

Two tourists from Russia were drowned in the Bzyb river. The other three tourists were rescued.

Bzyb river

Bzyb is a mountain river with very rapid current. Its length is 110 km, the second in the country. Bzyb Gorge greets travelers with winds blowing from the mountain valleys towards the sea.
It is a very populary among kayakers and rafters.

There are many stones and rapids in the Bzyb's riverbed. Its water is a blue and always cold.

Bzyb stone

A rafting on the Bzyb river is a dangerous thing but very popular.

Bzyb in 1900s by Prokudin-Gorsky

In the lower reaches of the river during the slower but less interesting for water tourists. At its entrance in the mouth of the Black Sea it splits into two estuary channels. The mouth is near Pitsunda.

Bzyb near Pitsunda

Be careful! Life is one big road...

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