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Awesome Block Island

Block Island is a small part of the smallest state of the US.

But... You have to visit it.

Block Island is located about 20 km south of the Rhode Island's mainland. It is separated by by Block Island Sound, eastward extension of Long Island Sound, from the Rhode Island and Long Island. About 40 % of the island territory is set aside for conservation.

The Island is one of the nicest places of New England... For example, Block Island Bluffs.

Block Island Bluffs
Or Great Salt Pond in a centre. This lagoon separated North Block from South part.
Great Salt Pond
This body of water has a small channel on its north-west shore connecting it with the Ocean and is good asylum from storms.

But main remarkable sight of the island is South East Light House. It has been a major aid to navigation since it as first lit in 1874. High atop Mohegan Bluff and visible for miles along a busy sea lane, the tower and attached keeper’s house were planned as showpieces for the U.S. Lighthouse Bureau. The dramatic setting and picturesque keeper’s house combine to provide a powerful expression of the romanticism so often associated with lighthouses. As it turned out, the original setting was all too dramatic. The structures became threatened with collapse by continuous erosion of the bluff and had to be moved some 360 feet in August 1993. A museum is now maintained at the station, but the primary function is – as always – to help steer navigators safely around Block Island’s southeastern shore.
South East Light House

From the lighthouse offers a great view. Awesome!
Block Island, Near Southeast Light

Another lighthouse of the island is located in the northern tip. Its name is simply North Light. The first light on the site was built in 1829. The current structure at Sandy Point is the fourth lighthouse built on the site and was made of granite and iron in 1867. The light was deactivated in 1973 and United States Fish and Wildlife Service acquired the lighthouse. The lighthouse was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1974.
Block Island North Light

Of course, New Shoreham has own Public Library...
New Shoreham Public Library

... and a church. The Harbor Church was founded on October 23, 1765. It is near Water Street, on a rise overlooking Fountain Square, the Old Harbor landing and the sweep of the east (Crescent) beach. On a clear day the Newport Bridge is visible across the water. It is perched on a high hill on the western side of New Shoreham. The church occupies a reconstructed structure that is the former Adrian Hotel.
Harbor Church

This statue is located near the Harbor Church. It named for the biblical Rebekah-at-the-Well, Block Islands's 'Rebecca' stands proudly at the intersection of four Old Harbor roads. She was erected in 1896 by the local Women's Christian Temperance Movement, which hoped to curb the consumption of alcohol on Block Island. Ironically, restoration experts have concluded that Rebecca is in fact Hebe, cupbearer to the Gods, which may explain why tea-totalling never caught on in Block Island. The statue was recast in 2001.

You can reach the Block Island by ferry from New London, Connecticut. Why? There is an airport on the island. It is a property of the State of Rhode Island. Its runway is 700 m long. New England Airlines provides scheduled service to Block Island.
Block Island State Airport

Sachem Pond, other body of water of the island. It is located on the north near North Lighthouse. This pond is an ideal place for swimming
Sachem Pond

And old historical pictures, the public domains...

U.S. Weather Bureau Station (now former) on Block Island (1910s).
Bureau Station on Block Island

The Manisses Hotel, Eastern Block Island
Manisses Hotel

The North Lighthouse again (1900-1914)
North Lighthouse

The Ocean View Hotel in 1910s
Ocean View Hotel

The Surf Hotel
Surf Hotel

The Old Harbor Dock
Old Harbor Dock

The Block Island South East Light 120 years ago
Block Island South East Light

Yellow Kitten showing Old Horse Car (1890-1910). Awesome!
Old Horse Car

Smiling Through, a nice landscape. 1880s postcard, very old
Smiling Through

Yes, Block Island is one of the best places of New England.

Welcome to Block Island!

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