Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Isle of Popov

Isle of Popov aka Popov Island is an island in Eugénie de Montijo Archipelago.

It is located in Peter the Great Gulf of the Sea of Japan, 20 km to the south of Zolotoy Rog between Isle of Reyneke and Russky Islands.
A bird's-eye view of Popov Island
It is named after Russian admiral Andrey Popov who commanded ships during the Crimean War. There are two settlements, Stark and Popova, and few bases for tourists on the island. Administratively the island is part of Vladivostok like all islands of this archipelago.

Popov and Reyneke Islands are considered the best places for summer rest on the Russian Far East.
Popov Island from a ferry

It is a true!
Popov Island from the Isle of Reyneke

Popov Island from Rogozin Cape, Russky Island
Isle of Popov from Rogozin Cape, Russky Island

The best season is from July to September.
A settlement

But... There are many stones... Stones, stones, stones anywhere...

Fog is a common thing in May and first half of summer.
Fog over the island

Beaches? Yes. But pebbles, pebbles anywhere... Where is a sand?
Pebbles on a beach

Oh no... Here you are... Sandy beach between cliffs. What a nice place. But It is not Rynda beach.
Beach between rocks

Popov Island has no airport or bridge from mainland. Only boats and a ferry can help you. This is a berth of the Isle.
Popov's Island berth

There is few people have a rest. But it is very good. Crowd on a beach is bad thing, isn't it? And settlers with volunteers take part of the ecological action Clean shore was held on the Island.
Sunrise over the Sea of Japan
The Island is a fabulous and amazing recreation place.

Welcome to Popov Island!