Sunday, 9 June 2013

Smallest museums

Everyone knows Mvsei Vaticani is the biggest museum in the World... Or does the Musée du Louvre?

Mvsei Vaticani

And where is the smallest museum in the world? Do you know?
Well... The World's Smallest Museum, one of Arizona's finest roadside attractions in Superior on historic US 60, showcases artifacts of ordinary life. World's Smallest Museum is located in central Arizona about 65 miles East of Phoenix. It's free.
World's Smallest Museum

Or the Baublys museum in small village Bijotai in Lithuania. It is located in a hollow of old oak. The museum was founded by writer Dionizas Poska. It is a firsy history museum in the country.


There is the Market House Museum in Watchet, Somerset. It is located where the Esplanade meets Market Street and occupying the ground floor of Watchet's former Market House. The museum is owned by the Wyndham Estate. But it is free.
Market House Museum in Watchet

Welcome to museums!

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