Thursday, 8 August 2013

Secure passwords

Many users fail to keep their passwords secure. This can be a result of several things.
-Any password that contains a single word that is found in the dictionary is extremely vulnerable.
-Any password using all letters or all numbers is extremely vulnerable.
-Any password using less than 8 digits is extremely vulnerable.
-Any password using less than 12 digits is weak.
-Any password containing personal information is weak.
-Any password used at more than one location or more than one site is slightly vulnerable.(Your basing the security of your site on the security practices of someone else)
-Any password saved on your computer or written on a paper found near your computer is slightly vulnerable.

Best password practices are as follows:
-A password containing 16+ digits.
-A password containing lower case letters and upper case letters.
-A password containing numbers.
-A password containing special symbols.
-A randomized password.
-A password unique to this site or application.

A secure password should be similar to the following: X91gt$1d.#4s9J1k(0sx

The password is 20 digits long, contains caps and lower case, contains numbers, contains special characters and is unique to this site.