Saturday, 21 September 2013

Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is the lowest and saltiest spot on the Earth. It is located over 400 m below sealevel.

Amman Beach Tourism Resort

Yes, the Dead Sea has a macabre name, but it is a one of most amazing place with beautiful landscape.

And this Sea is not a sea. This is an endorheic lake.

View from Israel

The hypersalinated water of the Dead Sea itself is its own attraction. It is a popular tourist spa site.

The Israeli side of the Dead Sea is a possible day trip from Jerusalem.

Salt Deposit

It is an interesting, a 50 km ultramarathon held annually in Jordan, from Amman to the Dead Sea.

Lot's Wife on the Mount Sodom

The Biblical towns Sodom and Gomorrah was located in the region of the Dead Sea known as the Salt Lake.