Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Chichester Cathedral

The magnificent Chichester Cathedral, captured in a glorious winter day on the 2nd January 2014.

This shot was taken from the Palace Gardens and it gives an excellent view of all the Cathedrals towers (4 in total!)...

Chichester Cathedral

The cathedral one of the tallest in Britain with the central spire reaching 277' (84m) high and can be seen by sailors; as well as being the only English Cathedral that can be seen from the sea.

The Cathedral also features the highest number of towers in any English Cathedral - the Central Tower, two Western Towers and the Bell Tower; a 15th Century construction which still houses a peal of bells to this day.

West Facade of Chichester Cathedral

The Cathedral is also just as beautiful inside, especially the glorious French South Transept Window.

Enjoy this day!