Sunday, 2 July 2017

Bitches from Denver

On June 28, 2017, Photobucket changed its Terms of Use regarding free accounts and third party hosting. Only the most expensive plan, at $399.99 per year, now permits third party hosting and linking to forums.

Photobucket made this change with no input or consultation with their current users, or the public. Adding this to Photobucket's use of excessive pop-up ads, scams, clickbait advertisements, and in some cases viruses embedded in ads, the number of active accounts quickly decreased.

This new business model has caused thousands of forum DIY's and write-ups with explanatory pictures to be rendered useless. About 500 words into the linked document was a declaration that free accounts would no longer permit image-linking to third-party sites. eBay and Etsy have also been affected, in addition to many forums and blogs. Thousands of images promoting goods sold on Amazon and other shopping sites have been removed after the photo-sharing service changed its terms, causing a great deal of controversy.

So... The most popular image in the Web today...

Photobucket became the Centre of Internet Evil.